Community Involvement Matters

Schworer Supports: Safety, Kids, People in Need, Cures, Recovery, Community, Parks, the Environment, and More!

We care about our community because at the end of the day it’s the people of Lincoln who matter most. By supporting locally we are building a more vibrant community, a stronger economy, and a better place for all people in Lincoln.

Our team gets involved individually whenever they can: from speaking engagements and gala events to getting connected through organizations like Wisby. We are proud of our team and all the ways they make their mark in our community. Collectively, we also work hard to make an impact through Volkswagen sponsorships all across Lincoln and surrounding areas. Our focus is working with organizations that support and promote safety, kids, people in need, cures, recovery, community, parks, and the environment – among other worthy causes. Learn more about how Schworer Supports Lincoln.

Schworer Volkswagen is located at: 3301 Schworer Dr • Lincoln, NE 68504
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