Is Volkswagen Car-Net® free?

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Most 2020 Volkswagen Models Get Free Car-Net® Support

Volkswagen has always been at the cutting edge when it comes to technological integration. As such, we were super excited when Volkswagen announced Car-Net® a few years back. While it was brilliant, it was limited. In particular, it was unavailable on many models. Sometimes it even varied by trim. Volkswagen collected consumer feedback and implemented many new features and tweaks. Relaunched for 2020, Car-Net® is shaping up to be better than ever. But, unlike past years, rumors have been circulating that Car-Net® will be free this time. So is it?

Is Volkswagen Car-Net® free?

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Woman using car-net on phone while family waits by VW car for herCar-Net® Subscription Details

For all 2020 vehicles it is available on (which is most of Volkswagen lineup), Car-Net® is free for the first five years. This isn’t a trial version either. 2020 Volkswagen model buyers get complete complimentary access to all base Car-Net® features. After that five-year period is up, normal subscription rates apply. Totally new for the relaunch, Car-Net® vehicles will include an integrated WiFi hotspot, capable of simultaneously supporting up to four devices. Unlike Car-Net® itself, this includes a one-month / 1-GB free trial.

Extra Premium Features

As mentioned previously, the 4G data service doesn’t come included with Car-Net® proper. However, current Verizon customers can add their vehicle onto their existing data plan, when applicable. For people whose plans don’t cover it or non-Verizon customers, a no-commitment prepaid monthly data plan can be purchased through Verizon for $20 a month. Volkswagen also offers a Safe and Secure package for Car-Net® customers. It offers multiple services like Emergency Assistance which automatically contacts emergency services in the case of an accident. Anti-Theft Alert and Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance notify you if someone attempts to steal your vehicle and helps law enforcement locate your vehicle if it is stolen by sending location information straight to the authorities.

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