Who has the best tire prices in Lincoln, NE?

By Product Expert | Posted in Parts, Sales and Incentives on Monday, June 17th, 2019 at 6:43 pm
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Where to Buy Tires in Lincoln, NE

As a great band once sang, “the tires are the things on your car that make contact with the road.” They certainly are, and without them, we’d have a difficult time getting around. In the past, wheels were made of hard materials like wood, and the results, while workable, were less than pleasant.

You know when you see a carriage in a movie, and the riders are feeling every bump and jostle on the path? Thanks to tires, we don’t have to experience that any more. The average Joe in our modern world rides far more comfortably than the great kings and queens of ages past.

But when your tires wear down, it can start to feel like you’re on those wooden wheels again, and it’s dangerous too. So when you need new tires, you’re probably wondering: where can you find great prices on tires in Lincoln, NE?

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A wheel with a tire stands proudly beside some kind of tire jack tool and intimidating-looking hook.Get Great Tire Deals at the Schworer Volkswagen Tire Store

Schworer Volkswagen offers an online tire store, which is a great resource for those shopping for new tires. The Online Tire Store boasts great everyday prices and extra benefits, in addition to ever-changing tire rebates. We’re so confident in our tire prices that our sales are covered by 30-Day Price Match Guarantee: if you find a lower price within thirty days, you’ll be refunded the difference.

And until June 30th, the prices are better than ever! Thanks to the Volkswagen Tire Store Spring Forward Sales Event, buyers get a $150 Visa® Prepaid Card by mail when they purchase four eligible tires using their Volkswagen Service Credit Card. Or alternatively, if you’d prefer to use another form of payment, you can receive an $80 Visa Prepaid Card.

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Why buy tires from Schworer Volkswagen?

Schworer Volkswagen doesn’t peddle just any old tires- these are Volkswagen Approval Tires, boasting the quality, performance, and reliability of trusted brands. Plus, the tires chosen will be matched specially for your vehicle to optimize its performance specs and own unique handling requirements. They’ll be installed by our VW Certified Technicians.

Tires from Schworer Volkswagen are also eligible for 24-Month Road Hazard Coverage. This means that you’re covered 100% for the first year, and 50% for the second. That’s a nice dose of peace of mind and a statement of the faith we hold in our tires.

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