What does the rest button do on a VW?

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What the Rest Button Does and When to Use It

If you’ve owned a Volkswagen in recent years, then you’ll likely have noticed the “Rest” button on the climate control panel. Some people may be familiar with the function and what it does, but if you here, you’re probably unsure. Don’t worry. Let us explain.

What does the rest button do on a Volkswagen?

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What the Rest Button Does

The rest button tells your Volkswagen vehicle to pump residual heat from the engine bay into the cabin. This is a great feature if you want to keep the cabin warm but don’t want to leave the vehicle running. It’s both great for your wallet and the environment because it reduces fuel consumption. It runs for up to thirty minutes (usually) before it shuts itself off to avoid draining the battery.

When to Use the Rest Feature

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This is mostly a cold weather feature. Its primary purpose is to keep heat in the cabin, making it a little too uncomfortable for summer weather. For instance, if you have to run inside a store to pick something up quickly, you can press the rest button and not have to worry about your vehicle getting cold. Waiting to pick someone up? Kill the engine and throw on the rest feature.

How Do I Know if It’s Working?

It will sound exactly the same as normally heating your vehicle, as it uses the same system to deliver the warm air. If the audio cue isn’t there or is hard to notice, then simply go by the temperature in the cabin. If the heat in your vehicle quickly dissipates with the rest feature on, then it’s not working properly.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about this or any other topic regarding your Volkswagen vehicle, give us a call or send us a message. If you’re looking to get some work done, check out our service specials.

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