Is Volkswagen discontinuing the Golf R?

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Everybody loves the Golf R. This high-performance, all-wheel drive take on the VW Golf is a blast to experience. But some troubling rumors have started to swirl. Is the Golf R being discontinued for 2020?

The Future of the Volkswagen Golf R

While the Golf R is not necessarily being completely discontinued starting with the 2020 model year, it is being put on hiatus. Along with the Golf Alltrack and Sportwagen models, the Golf R will not be making an appearance in the 2020 VW lineup.

However, it’s fairly certain that the Golf R will return with the Mk 8 iteration of the Volkswagen Golf family (we are currently in the Mk 7 generation). Based on past patterns and calculations, the Volkswagen Golf R is likely to return in an all-new incarnation by the end of 2022.

So we would not say that Volkswagen is killing the Golf R; they’re just putting it to sleep for a little while. In the meantime, we’ll still have the standard Golf, the e-Golf, and the GTI coming along in improved form for the 2020 model year.

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Blue 2019 Volkswagen Golf R drives placidly into that great night.Why is Volkswagen ceasing production on the Golf R?

The reason given for the Golf R hiatus is that Volkswagen is updating their tooling and production line at their main plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. It is typical that this operation affects vehicle output.

What will the eighth generation of the Volkswagen Golf be?

The current word is that for the eighth generation (Mk 8) of the Volkswagen Golf, there will be only two models of this esteemed family available in the U.S.: the Golf R and the Golf GTI. The regular VW Golf and its wagon variations will no longer be sold this side of the pond. With the continually increasing emphasis Volkswagen is putting on electric vehicles, however, we expect the e-Golf will assume new form as its own independent electric beast.

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When will the Golf R be back?

Hopefully, the new Golf R will arrive by the end of 2022. This estimate is based on past release times in relation to the release of the base Golf. The standard Mk8 Golf is rumored to be making its debut in Wolfsburg this October and will hopefully be revealed to the public at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show.

What will the Mk8 Golf R be like?

Rumor has it that the Mk8 Golf R will boast a more powerful 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine capable of producing over 300 horsepower. This could differentiate the Golf R further from the GTI. We also know that an updated MQB platform will underpin the Golf family in its eighth generation.

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