Is Volkswagen an environmentally friendly company?

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A man in a suit holds the earth in his hands. The suited man may represent Volkswagen.

The New Volkswagen Drive Bigger Philosophy

Volkswagen has had many different images over the years. In the past decade, they were subject to the infamous emissions scandal. Recently, many have heard about the push from Volkswagen toward electric vehicles and clean emissions. So, what’s the deal- is Volkswagen an environmentally friendly company or not?

A yellow ID BUZZ electric microbus cruises down a highway, just like how Volkswagen is cruising toward an environmentally healthy future.

“Drive Something Bigger Than Yourself”

Just this year, Volkswagen publicly adopted a new motto: Drive Bigger. This encompasses the current philosophy from the automaker that people can “drive something bigger than themselves” by acting in a way that benefits the environment and the world. It operates in tandem with their goal to become a benchmark of environmentally responsibility in the auto industry.

How does Volkswagen plan to do this? Is it just all talk? Not at all. Volkswagen has declared their goal of having total global carbon neutrality across the VW fleet, production, and administration by 2050. The brand is moving in this direction by planning to electrify their full lineup by 2030.

Volkswagen is acknowledging its mistakes of the past decade and working to atone for them. Their new movement symbolizes a rebirth and new direction for the brand. A representation of this new direction can be seen in cool innovations like the upcoming ID BUZZ electric microbus.

Since the 1960s, Volkswagen has been known for their unique style. Now they again are going against the grain in an exciting and positive way, taking responsibility in their role as one of the world’s biggest automakers.

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