Does VW Car-Net include remote start?

By Product Expert | Posted in FAQs, Technology on Monday, September 23rd, 2019 at 3:42 pm
A woman remote starts her Volkswagen vehicle from the comfort of her ultra-modern living room.

The days of pushing buttons and turning keys may soon fade into oblivion. With smart home technology, many of us no longer have to flick a light switch or change the channel with a button; we just tell the thing to do the thing, and it does the thing.

While we may not yet be at the point where we can scream at our car to tell it to turn on (though we’re pretty close), technology at least allows us to start our engines from a remote locale. That’s right- we’re talking about remote start. Does the Volkswagen Car-Net system include remote start?

A woman extends her finger to interact with the Volkswagen Car-Net interface on her smart phone. Volkswagen Car-Net Remote Start Functionality

Yes, Volkswagen Car-Net comes with Remote Access, which includes the ability to remote start and stop a properly-equipped vehicle.  For the 2020 model year, Car-Net Remote Access is offered on most models for no additional charge for the span of five years since the date of the purchase.

Other features in Remote Access include remote door lock and unlock, remote honking and light flashing (think of all the fun you (or your small child) could have with that!), finding the last parked location, and remote vehicle status display. This last feature provides information on mileage, fuel level, and door/window status.

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Volkswagen Debuts Next-Generation VW Car-Net for 2020

The latest iteration of Volkswagen Car-Net is being released with 2020 Volkswagen models, and its set to thoroughly impress. The next-generation Car-Net brings even more features and quicker response times. In further good news, it comes standard on most 2020 models, with Remote Access services included, at no charge for five years.

Even 4G LTE WiFi comes standard (with a data plan subscription), allowing users to enjoy Wi-Fi in their car. This just adds to the list of reasons we never care to leave our Volkswagen when we get home. Heck, perhaps starting in 2020, we never will.


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