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Volkswagen to bring back classic Microbus with a modern twist

Monday, August 28th, 2017

Is Volkswagen making the Microbus again?

Few other vehicles in automotive history are associated with such evocative imagery as the Volkswagen Microbus. VW produced the first Microbus about 70 years ago. Now in the 21st century, a new generation of van fans and environmentally-conscious people will be able to own a new piece of that heritage. Starting is 2022, Volkswagen will begin to roll electrically-powered versions of the Microbus to dealerships like Schworer VW. Regular readers of our blog may remember an entry from January where we showed off what was then called the I.D. BUZZ concept which was on display at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. That’s essentially the platform that will be reviving the legacy of the VW Microbus. (more…)

VW teases possible new crossover SUV model

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017
Is the VW T-Roc coming to the United States

Is the VW T-Roc coming to the US?

Remember back in July when we broke the sad news that the Volkswagen Touareg was being discontinued and wondered what was going to fill the gap in the automaker’s lineup? Well, thanks to some great work done by AutoBlog and MotorTrend, we have found a possible answer to that question. AutoBlog shared a teaser video (which is posted below), produced by Volkswagen, which appears to show the new T-Roc compact crossover. While not a direct replacement for the Touareg, this would be the first VW vehicle to occupy the compact crossover class. The T-Roc is expected to make its world debut in Europe and will start life across the pond. Both AutoBlog and MotorTrend expect the T-Roc to eventually make its way to American dealers, like Schower Volkswage. Let us know in the comments what you think. (more…)

Nebraska football is almost ready to take the field, are you?

Monday, August 14th, 2017
Best places to watch Nebraska football games

Where to watch Nebraska football games near Lincoln, NE

Let’s not look at the upcoming Labor Day weekend as the unofficial end of the summer, but instead, as the official beginning of college football season. There are a lot of Nebraska football fans working around the Schworer Volkswagen dealership and all of them are very optimistic about the 2017 season. In fact, not a small group of them have already been planning where to go to watch Nebraska football games near Lincoln, NE. The season officially starts on Sept. 2 against Arkansas State. If you plan on heading out to watch the games, we have some suggestions for places you might like. (more…)

2018 Atlas puts passenger safety on its shoulders

Monday, August 7th, 2017
IIHS safety scores for the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas

IIHS safety scores for the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas

With all due respect paid to the rest of the 2018 VW lineup available at or coming to the Schworer Volkswagen showroom, but the 2018 Atlas crossover SUV is truly revolutionary. Not only is it the first such vehicle from VW to be designed in America and designed specifically, for American drivers. Now that the brand-new member of the Volkswagen family has arrived in the Schworer VW showroom, interested buyers can get a good sense of how the 2018 Atlas will protect them in the event of a tragedy. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has released the crossover SUV’s safety scores, and they are perfect. (more…)